Come and cheer on Omadeus in his second show…

If you are a fan of Omadeus and would like to see him in action and meet him, Sunday 19th February is Omadeus’ second show.

Omadeus, 5th February 2012

Omadeus, 5th February 2012

The show will be at Bowral Dressage Club, in Bowral NSW. His first class is at 9am, followed by classes at 9:50am and 10:40am.

Click here for more information on the event and location. We look forward to seeing you there!

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One Response to Come and cheer on Omadeus in his second show…

  1. Greetings

    Have just read about your Tori horses in Outback magazine – they look fabulous!
    I was a keen rider (and owned mostly Arab crosses myself) for about 37 years until an accident in 2007 and thus no more riding… However I would very much enjoy seeing your beautiful Aussie/Esto Omadeus in action, so please let me know of any upcoming shows.

    I am Estonian/Latvian born in NZ. During the mid ’90s while living in Kiyiv I saw a stunning bay Latvian stallion who had apparently done well at various competitions. His filly foal also had that incredible big-boned, muscular look your Cara does and the breed sounds to be similar in temperament – being athletic, yet calm and affectionate, willing to please. (Circumstances were pretty dire at that time shortly after the break-up of the Soviet Union with many organizations falling apart. Inadequately trained people with inadequate equipment and resources compared to us in the West. I saw many horses and people suffering, including that Latvian Stallion which was at stables linked to a study facility.. Pretty grim.)

    I would be delighted if you kept in touch. Sorry to see I missed Bowral!
    Best Regards

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