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Dundee is set in the eastern divide in southern NSW, Australia, at an elevation of 1100 meters. The climate is highly variable, cold winters with some snow, hot summers and the good and bad seasons. We are 116 km south east of Canberra and 53 km north east of Cooma.

Dundee Tori Stud

Dundee Tori Stud in winter

The stud is 530 hectares on which we have had Arab and Arab cross horses since 1976, but the introduction of Tori horses from Estonia is new in 2008, in fact these are the first Tori horses in the Southern Hemisphere. We were extremely fortunate to be able to import Tori Horses, as the breed was classified as endangered in 1991.

Estonia was part of the USSR until 1991 when it gained independence, and as a result these horses were not widely known. The USSR had horse competitions equal to those of the rest of the world during communism and a consequence many notable horses went unnoticed in the free world. It is now that Tori horses are starting to make their presence felt in the horse world.

Tori horses are versatile, being renowned for their placid nature, stamina and food utilization. They are excellent sport and recreational horses, being widely used at holiday trail riding centres in Estonia, Finland and Sweden. With their heritage of the Estonian draft horses, the stamina and strength is part of the makeup of the constitution for use a sport horses. The different genetic makeup, such as bone, muscling and body structure, will be an advantage, when joined with existing sport horse breeds.

Amadora and Omadeus

Amadora and Omadeus

Our first mare, Amadora arrived at Dundee after a long trip via Poland, Germany, France and the UK from the Tori stud in Estonia on the 23rd March 2008. She had a colt foal, Omadeus, on the 11th April 2008.

Our second mare, Leary, arrived at Dundee on 27th September 2008 and foaled on 30th January 2009. Her colt foal was named, Carrero.

Leary and Carrero

Leary and Carrero

As we have 2 unrelated mares we aim to increase the herd by an embryo transplant program with brood mares using imported semen as well as Omadeus and Carrero (as they meet Tori breed standards).

The Tori horse in Australia is a new direction in horse breeding with huge potential in the Australian Equestrian world.



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